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Volunteer/ Work Exchange

Community Members/Worker at ARC Retreat Center, Minnesota

Labyrinth & LodgeLIVE in Intentional Community: simply, sustainably, spiritually.
ENJOY purposeful and meaningful work with options for primary work: meal preparation; house cleaning and care for sacred space; wood cutting with organic gardening; general oversight and administration.
JOIN a progressive thinking, spiritual based, and service oriented community that lives on-site, engages daily meditation, and operates a growing retreat center in east central Minnesota on 90 acres of white pine forest.
These positions offer an extraordinary opportunity for those with a passion for community living, environmental stewardship, spiritual growth, hospitality, and service. We are welcoming people who resonate with the ARC values, want to grow spiritually, have heart for service, have maturity for living in community, endurance for full days, and want to try a different way of life! We are inclusive and welcome differing sexual orientations and gender identities.
More information can be found on the ARC website: Room (private) and board (vegetarian, from scratch) provided; up to five weeks of time off (annually), health insurance available. Send an email of inquiry ( ) with what captures your attention in this possibility and what area of work might interest you.

Job Type:  Retreat Center

Location: Stanchfield, Minnesota, USA

Salary:  stipend, room/board, wifi, laundry, up to 5 weeks off annually

Season: Fall, Winter, Spring


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ACE Corps Member at American Conservation Experience, Flagstaff

On 23, Jun 2016 | In Autumn Jobs, Conservation, Multi-season, Summer Jobs, Volunteer/ Work Exchange | By Jacqueline

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 5.30.19 PMACE is seeking Conservation Corps Members dedicated to working 12-24 weeks in the great outdoors! Do you want to work in beautiful Grand Canyon, The Petrified Forest, Siguaro National Park, and beyond? The American Conservation Experience is the place to be!

Start Dates: July 23rd, August 6th, and August 20th!

Nestled in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona, American Conservation Experience (ACE) is a non-profit conservation corps dedicated to providing professional development and outdoor job skills training to young professionals (18-25) interested in careers related to conservation and land management. ACE is dedicated to developing present and future generations of environmental stewards while protecting and restoring public and tribal lands throughout the nation.

This opportunity is intended for enthusiastic young individuals looking for an opportunity to experience the great outdoors, gain valuable job skills, and most of all, have some fun! Corps members will take part in various conservation projects throughout the Southwest including trail building, invasive species removal, habitat restoration, and much more.
Applicants must be capable of, and should expect to perform physically demanding labor on environmental and conservation projects for 10 hours a day. Applicants should expect to hike extended distances on rough terrain carrying 40lbs, and be prepared to spend 8 consecutive days in the field. Corps members will work in a variety of weather conditions such as: temperatures ranging from below freezing to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, high winds, intense sunshine, rain, and snow.

Benefits: Interns will receive a $1,515-2,865 education award upon successful completion of service. ACE also aims to prevent financial hardship by providing interns with a $440 a month living stipend, free meals/food during all project days as well as free housing in Flagstaff.
To Apply: Please send resume, cover letter and 3 professional references to

In accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability. (Not all prohibited bases apply to all programs.) To file a complaint of discrimination: write USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, Room 326-W, Whitten Building, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, D.C. 20250-9410 or call (202) 720-5964 (voice and TDD). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.”

Job Type:  Conservation

Location: Flagstaff, USA

Salary:  Living stipend, education award, and free food!

Season: Summer, Fall


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Customer service, publishing, text preservation at Ratna Ling Retreat Center, California

ratnalinglogoTarthang Tulku founded the Ratna Ling Retreat Center in 2004 to serve as an intentional and spiritual community of teachers, students and resident volunteers committed to practicing spirituality in everyday life. Guided by Tibetan Buddhist principles, we strive to share what is best and most beautiful in this precious human existence and to embody and transmit wisdom, compassion, harmony and depth of caring.

Our deep appreciation of the natural environment is manifested in our care of the land, vegetarian diet, and our commitment to support the interconnections of life necessary for the welfare of all beings. We are always taking the necessary steps towards environmental sustainability by practicing caring deeply for ourselves, each other, our surroundings and our planet.

Current job openings include: Cooking, gardening, landscaping, maintenance, customer service, advertising, book binding.

  • Volunteer and study in our Tibetan Buddhist Retreat Center
  • Learn Tibetan traditional book binding
  • Live in beautiful rural Northern California
  • Take classes in Yoga, Meditiation and Buddhist Studies
  • Enjoy delicious organic vegetarian food
  • Give your time and energy to a worthwhile cause
  • Learn new skills and grow as a person
  • Monthly living allowance of $150

Job Type:  Retreat center

Location: Cazadero, California, USA

Cost To Volunteer:  Free organic vegetarian cuisine; evening classes in Tibetan yoga, meditation, Buddhist studies, Tibetan language; housing, wi-fi

Season: Spring

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Co-owner/manager at Sky Meadow Retreat, Vermont

On 06, Feb 2016 | In Retreat Center, Spring Jobs, Volunteer/ Work Exchange | By Jacqueline

Seeking co-manager/owners for retreat centre and conscious community in Vermont

Sky Meadow Retreat, a unique sole-proprietor business in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, is looking for several retreat managers and business partners to help establish a worker/owner cooperative. The vision is to form a small community of 3-6 individuals who would live and work at the retreat and organic homestead, own and manage the business as a non-profit cooperative, and lease the land and buildings from the current founder/owner/manager. In coordination with the daily work required to maintain the retreat and farm, owner/managers will be able to utilize the retreat facilities to lead group retreats and/or offer healing services such as massage or counselling.

The retreat hosts small groups of 8-16 people for retreats of 2 days to 2 weeks, as well as individual and couple’s solos focused on personal growth, consciousness, wellness, community, and spirituality. It is located on 120 acres secluded at the end of a road in the small town of Stannard, Vermont on a 150 year old homestead, and has been operating since 1999. The primary building is a large newly renovated barn, and the 120 acres of land surrounding it has been gently landscaped to include swimming ponds, open fields, wooded trails, and a hilltop with expansive views of the Green Mountains.

In addition to the retreat, Sky Meadow is a working organic homestead growing much of the food for residents and guests, cutting wood for heat and building materials, and maintaining the buildings and land with primary concern for the integrity of nature and health of the environment. We are a truly holistic retreat centre in that we source many of our needs from this land using our own labour, keeping us connected to the earth and part of our environment. We believe that connecting with the land in this way is an integral part of healing for ourselves and others.

The retreat is currently managed by a single founder/owner/resident with the help of interns who stay anywhere from one month to several years. It is in the beginning stages of becoming a worker-owned cooperative of residents with long-term interest in forming a conscious community supportive of each other’s personal and spiritual growth. It is an ideal situation for a teacher who is looking for a place to lead retreats, a home-based lifestyle integrated with nature, and a supportive residential community in a beautiful quiet setting.

We are looking for people who are ready to step into a management role, working together with the current owner to manifest this vision. You should have some experience with small business, retreat centres, hosting guests and managing interns, as well as rural community living and organic homesteading. Above all you should be dedicated to your own personal growth and awakening, seeking intensive support in the form of intentional community, and passionate about serving the spiritual advancement of humanity.

Compensation includes housing in a beautiful, fully equipped and self-contained private apartment or cabin, access to staple vegetarian foods including all produce grown on the homestead, all utilities including hi-speed internet and free long distance phone, and co-ownership of an established retreat centre business. All net revenue above expenses will be divided among all worker/owners according to the time spent working here. You will also be able to use the retreat facilities to lead your own retreats and offer services to guests, with all tuition or fees going directly to you. Additional compensation may be negotiated depending on your experience, capacities, and financial needs. This is a lifestyle fully supportive of your personal and spiritual development

Job Type:  Retreat center

Location: Stannard, Vermont (near Greensboro and Hardwick), USA

Salary:  Room, board, utilities, profit sharing, and opportunity to use retreat for personal teaching or healing work

Season: Spring

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Cook at Nyingma Institute, California

The Nyingma Institute in Berkeley, California is seeking a full-time vegetarian cook. This is a volunteer position with no salary, but the cook will receive room and board, a small cash stipend, and free access to classes, workshops, and retreats on meditation and Buddhist studies. Applicant must be interested in the teachings of the Buddha. Apply for the position by calling the Nyingma Institute at (510) 809-1000 or by emailing:

Job Type:  Retreat center

Location: Berkeley, California, USA

Salary:  Room & board

Season: Summer


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Residential Volunteer at Karma Triyana Dharmachakra, New York

Located on a 24-acre site in the heart of the Catskill Mountains above Woodstock, NY, Karma Triyana Dharmachkra (KTD) is a traditional Tibetan Buddhist monastery and dharma retreat center where students study and practice Tibetan Buddhism as taught by its distinguished resident lamas. People from around the world come to weekend programs and week-long retreats to study genuine Buddhist dharma.

KTD is currently seeking a Residential Volunteer who will split their time between food preparation and housekeeping. Food preparation tasks include cooking and preparing vegetarian and vegan meals for 10-60 people during breakfast, lunch and a light supper. Responsibilities also include organizing food supplies in the pantry and refrigerators, washing pots and pans, serving meals to guests, and cleaning up the kitchen and serving area. Housekeeping responsibilities include cleaning guest rooms, public spaces and storage rooms, laundry tasks, re-supplying rooms and bathrooms with soap and paper products, and other interior maintenance tasks. Benefits include dorm-style accommodation, free vegetarian meals, and opportunities to study Buddhism, practice meditation, and become part of KTD’s residential community. Applicants must have a strong interest in learning about Buddhism and be emotional stable and mature, willing to follow directions, work in a team environment, and go the extra mile for the benefit of the Monastery and its guests. If you are interested in this 1-3 month residential volunteer position, email

Job Type:  Retreat Center

Location: Woodstock, New York, USA

Salary: housing and vegetarian meals

Season: Year round


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Chef/ Operations Manager at Sewall House Yoga Retreat, Maine

On 03, May 2015 | In Retreat Center, Summer Jobs, Volunteer/ Work Exchange | By Jacqueline

Sewall House looks for work exchange for preferable a month minimum- if shorter please contact with your needs. One position is vegetarian chef for 3-10 people, usually averages 4-6.

Second position is operations manager, who helps with cleaning, air pickup and errands, as well as accompanying guests on hikes and kayaking etc if required. This is a fun position for someone who likes yoga, nature and is willing to do some house cleaning and kitchen help.

June to mid October- some positions may already be filled so please check for dates.

Job Type:  Chef/ Retreat Center

Location: Island Falls, Maine, USA

Salary: Room & board & yoga

Season: Summer


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Housekeeping Assistant at Salt Spring Yoga Center, Canada

Daily life at the Centre is based on karma yoga, the practice of selfless service, one of the three main paths of traditional yoga, as the common background to all of our daily activities. In selfless service, efforts are made to perform all actions without self-interest, but nonetheless wholeheartedly, with enthusiasm and focus. Despite working toward an objective, the work is done without attachment to the fruit of the actions. These are high ideals – virtually all our actions contain some degree of self-interest, even as it gets more and more subtle. Over time this results in action that has, at its foundation, a deep peace and joy that are unaffected by adverse circumstances. Those who stay at the Centre become guided by these principles, not as external rules, but through the understanding that they bring about the reduction of the ego, the “I-me-mine” concept as the motivating force of all our thoughts and actions.

All of our volunteer opportunities require a full commitment to and a focus on the needs of the community. As a gesture of support, we offer volunteer staff a small stipend to offset some of the basic daily costs of living while at the Centre. This amount is not intended to be a ‘wage’, but rather a small allowance for incidental expenses.

In support of our mission, the Centre offers classes, workshops and training courses aligned with the teachings of classical ashtanga and hatha yoga as passed on to us by our teacher, Baba Hari Dass. We also rent our facility to like-minded groups to run their own programs and retreats. Providing a supportive environment for these activities requires an organized infrastructure. Those coming to the Centre as volunteer staff join the residential community in supporting this mission, and in so doing, benefit from this personal growth opportunity, the peaceful environment, a wide variety of classes, the natural lifestyle and immersion in a spiritual community.

Non-Canadian residents will require a work permit for Canada. Applicants are responsible for arranging and securing the required permits.

Job Type:  Retreat Center

Location: Salt Spring Island, Canada

Salary:  Lodging, vegetarian meals, and a small stipend

Season: Summer, Fall


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Work Exchange at Pacha Mama, Costa Rica

Pacha Mama work exchangePachaMama is an oasis of an alternative lifestyle. It’s a place to dive into a transformative spiritual voyage, rejuvenate the body, connect with nature and celebrate life. The community is located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica in a forested valley. PachaMama was founded 13 years ago by Tyohar and fellow travelers who responded to the invitation to manifest together a commune that embraces a new way of life. Ever since it was founded, the oasis became a gathering place for people from all over the world, creating a colorful and unique energy field.

The land size is 500 acre, (2,300,000 m²). In the past this land was used as a cattle farm, without electricity, water system, roads or any living space.

There are plans to allow the village to grow continuously as more spiritual seekers, individuals or families, hear the call and want to enjoy the experience of PachaMama on a more permanent basis by putting down their roots here. The PachaMama experience is a profound journey into the depth of one’s being. It is designed to challenge and to embrace. It dares one to experience the depth of life in its totality, be it laughter or tears, the liveliness of togetherness or the silence of aloneness. It is a Temple of Transformation.

The Work Exchange Program (WE) is an opportunity to experience PachaMama and become an integral part of the community through service. It allows the participants of the program to cover a substantial part of the costs through working.

Job Type: Work Exchange/ Volunteer

Location: Costa Rica

Cost To Volunteer: Based on duration of commitment.

Season: Year Round

Learn More/ Apply At: Pacha Mama

Volunteers at O.U.R. Ecovillage, British Columbia

Are you looking for an chance to be an active part of the rich and rewarding summer at OUR Ecovillage this year? Spend quality time in the full immersion learning environment of one of North America’s premiere sustainable living demonstration sites and get a chance to work hard, learn essential “soft”-skills for community building in practice and build relationships with the unique group of people stewarding the land. You will also be in daily contact with the thousands of people coming through to visit, learn, celebrate or support this project – a chance to make connections that will last for the rest of your life.

This is an opportunity to grow, serve, learn and share. All volunteers cover their site and food costs.

  • Site and hospitality support – full time starting as soon as possible till late summer or fall: hosting, welcoming, set-up and take down connected to the many events, courses and guesthouse, supporting the Site and Events Coordination Team.
  • Volunteer Coordination – this is a long-term, part-time role.
  • Tech support – long-term, part-time role. computers (hardware, network, etc), phone systems, other skills you might have?
  • Food services – for the big events as needed, or ongoing for a fixed number of hours per week. OUR kitchen serves thousands per year – mostly organic, lots from our garden, a great chance to make the intimate connection from the land to the table. Work hard with an inspiring and motivated group.
  • Bookkeeping/accounting support: Do you know Quickbooks inside out and have a regular amount of time to dedicate to data entry?

To begin the volunteer process, we request that you complete and submit a Volunteer Agreement.

Job Type:  Work exchange

Location: Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia

Cost to Volunteer: Year round

Facebook: O.U.R. Ecovillage

Learn More At: O.U.R. Ecovillage

Volunteers at Padmasambhava Peace Institute, California

Join our community! We welcome full-time residential or day-only volunteers wishing to support the activities PPI focuses on – spiritual development, caring for the land, and creating a beautiful retreat space for oneself and the community at large.

Our volunteers come from all walks of life. Together with the full-time residential volunteer staff, you can focus on personal growth and awareness in a supportive community while experiencing the joy of serving others and nurturing the environment.

Work may include gardening (landscaping and organic vegetables gardening),, cooking assistance and general kitchen support, cleaning and construction. This assistance is in the context of the Institute’s general operations and also its provision of services to community groups renting the facility. A volunteer’s specialist skills are always welcomed when applicable. The Institute is committed to using low- or no-chemical products throughout the property.

We welcome applicants from all backgrounds, regardless of race, age, education, religion and sexual orientation, and are looking for volunteers with:

  • a commitment to community life
  • an interest in supporting the center as a place of retreat for themselves and others
  • concern for the environment and interest in land stewardship
  • the ability to work with clear direction alone or as part of a team
  • the ability to communicate clearly with others
  • a responsible attitude towards handling their workload
  • willingness to carry out tasks to the best of their ability and able to work flexible hours on occasion (eg during big events)
  • good physical health and stamina

There are many beautiful places to hike around the property and we are located 20 minutes from the stunning Sonoma coastline and the Russian River resorts. Just over an hour away are the towns of Santa Rosa and Sebastopol which offer a full range of cultural activities from traditional to alternative.

Spiritual instruction and support are available from the lama-in-residence Tibetan Buddhist master Jigme Rinpoche, and volunteers are welcome to join in the group daily practice and make use of the center’s shrine-room and library. They can attend the center’s Buddhist events free of charge.

The center maintains an organic vegetable garden which operates along principles of permaculture as much as possible and twice a year PPI hosts Earth Activist Training courses under the direction of Starhawk and other eco/spiritual leaders.

Job Type:  Work exchange

Location: Cazadero, California, USA

Cost to Volunteer:  Room and board are offered in exchange for an agreed number of work-hours per week. Accommodations are single or shared clean, carpeted rooms with adjacent bathroom facilities.

Season: Year round

Learn More At:

Work Study Sabbaticals at Rowe Camp & Conference Center, Massachusetts

On 14, Aug 2014 | In Spring Jobs, Summer Jobs, Volunteer/ Work Exchange, Winter Jobs, Year Round | By Jacqueline

Are you at a transition point in your life? Do you want to explore who you really are and where you’re going? Whether you are recently retired, just finishing college, or taking a break from your current work, our work-study program may be just what you need. It will allow you to slow down, take stock, explore new directions, engage in creative and meaningful work, and be part of a value-based, supportive community.

Work-study participants work 33 hours a week in exchange for room, board and the opportunity to attend many of the conferences. The sabbatical can last from six weeks to a year, anytime from Labor Day until late June. (If you aren’t able to participate for the full six weeks or are available only in the summer, we also have a volunteer program.) Work is arranged by matching Rowe’s needs with your skills and preferences and may include housekeeping, maintaining our buildings and grounds, office work, and more. We also offer a cooking internship.

The study portion of the program is self-directed. It includes personal study, group work, attendance at conferences, and the experience of living in community. Work-study interns live in community with each other and in a more loosely knit community with the rest of our staff. Living, working, and playing with the same group of people isn’t always easy. Communication skills, conflict resolution and relationship issues are part of our normal life. Life here is full of complexities, challenges, laughter and joy.

As a Camp & Conference Center, the community at Rowe has developed around the work that reflects our vision. This is different than many intentional communities where work serves the intention of living together. Rowe C&CC balances a respect for the integrity and freedom of each person with the needs of the community and the organization. We are dedicated to fostering a new society that can nurture the best in each of us, reward idealism and caring and expand hope and vision. Being in the program is a way of offering your service to create a more loving world. It is a generous act, and we thank you for your interest.

Job Type:  Work exchange

Location: Rowe, Massachusetts, USA

Cost to Volunteer:  33 hours of work per week in exchange for room and board

Season: Year round

Facebook: Rowe

Learn More At:

Work study at Seung Sahn International Zen Center, South Korea

According to a long tradition dating back to the Great Zen Master Pai Chang, famous for teaching “A day without work is a day without food,” simple manual work which does not require much prior knowledge or complex thinking is best to sustain a practicing mind. Therefore, Haeng Won Participants will be given work in the kitchen, such as assisting the cook with food preparation, in the garden, harvesting or weeding, and cleaning the buildings, such as the dormitory, storage or Buddha and Meditation Halls. These simple duties, along with the administrative tasks usually performed by Sunims, are the fundamentals of the daily running of a temple.

The schedule starts before dawn, at 3:00 in the morning, and ends at 9:00 in the
evening, when the lights go out. In between, there are 5 hours of formal practice including sitting, chanting and bowing and 5 hours of work spread throughout the day with some breaks in between. Generally, the schedule is rather structured. In order to reinforce a simple, practice-oriented spirit, the participants will rarely leave the monastery grounds. In temple training, the schedule is our first teacher because it simplifies life and limits the personal sphere of likes and dislikes –by just performing our duties for others, we learn to put down our opinions, let go of our habits and
cultivate a true freedom not dependent on situation.

Haeng Won Work-Study Program
* Haeng Won Work-Study Program has been developed to allow practitioners from all over the world to get in touch with the Korean monastic root of Zen Master Seung Sahn’s teaching.

* Practitioners receive free room and board.

We are now accepting applications for 2014 fall Hae Jae,
2014 winter Kyol Che Retreat, and 2015 spring Hae Jae.

* Fall Hae Jae: Sep 1 ~ Dec 4, 2014
* Winter Kyol Jae : Dec 6, 2014 ~ Mar 5, 2015
* Spring Hae Jae : Mar 21, 2015 ~ May 30, 2015
Applicants are accepted for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 3 months.

Job Type:  Work exchange

Location: Chungnam Province, South Korea

Cost to Volunteer: Free room and board

Season: Fall, Winter, Spring


Learn More/ Apply At

Lead Cook at Ratna Ling Retreat Center, California

Work and live in the redwood coastal hills of Sonoma County, CA at beautiful Ratna Ling, a non-profit retreat center in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition in northern CA.  Be in a spiritual community of like-minded people dedicated to service to humanity through a wide variety of projects both local and global. This year-round residential work-study opportunity combines meaningful work with opportunities for self-growth.  Seeking those with a sincere interest and a strong work ethic.

If you would like to cook in a truly unique environment where personal inner inquiry, cooperation and spiritual values are supported, as well as participating in an integrated program of work and learning, this may be the place for you.


Job Type:  Work-Exchange, Retreat Center

Location: Cazadero, California, USA

Salary:  Room and board, free classes, $150 a month living allowance

Season: Year round

Learn More At:

Apply At:

Volunteers at EcoTruly Park eco village, Peru

Eco Truly Park is a beautiful Peruvian Pacific coast ecological, artistic community founded on Vaisnava principles, strategically located on Chacra y Mar beach, a district of Aucallama, in the province of Huaral, one hour by bus or car (63 km) north of the capital city, Lima.

Volunteers are allowed to stay at Eco Truly for as long as they wish. To get the most out of their experience, we estimate interns will want to commit themselves to at least 4 hours/day. Volunteers of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to join us; the only requirement is that you are enthusiastic about working with our community. Our basic accommodations are separate shared rooms for men and women; if you would prefer a separate, individual room in our hostel, we can provide that service for a slight cost.

We have a number of workshops that you can take advantage of including yoga, art, and vedic philosophy. You are also more than welcome to help out in our kitchen, vegetarian restaurant or bakery (operational 2 days a week). If you are willing to get dirty, you are can work in our organic farm with our biodynamic agronomist who also imparts theoretical and practical classes on organic agriculture, preparation of humus, and composting. More than anything we hope that you make new friends, and have the experience of a lifetime.

The nearest town is only 15 minutes away by car and provides Internet (about 1 sol per hour) and international calling service. There are also some small shops closer where you can by most necessary items. We do have a machine for laundry as well as sinks (if you want to wash clothes the old fashioned way and conserve energy).

Job Type: Work Exchange/ Volunteer

Location: Huaral, Peru

Cost To Volunteer: $300 + 4 hours work per day in exchange for room & board

Season: Summer, Spring, Fall, Winter

Facebook: EcoTruly

Learn More/ Apply At: EcoTruly

Organic Farm Volunteer at Anamaya Resort’s Rancho Delicioso Eco Village, Costa Rica

Rancho Delicioso is an eco village and organic farm that is rapidly becoming the heart of the Southern Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, set between the beautiful and remote beach and surfing towns of Montezuma, Santa Teresa, and Mal Pais. This new eco-village, started only in 2012, is the first place to provide learning opportunities in organic farming, tropical permaculture, green building, and more. Operated by Anamaya Yoga Resort in Montezuma, its owners and volunteers are dedicated to healthy living, which includes having a lot of laughter and fun as the core of everyday life.

Are you looking to be a volunteer somewhere really interesting? Are you totally into dirt? Are you, like us, passionate about watching things sprout and grow? Do you want to help us make this world a better and healthier place? When someone tells you something is impossible, do you double your effort to prove them wrong? If you answered yes then we may have an opportunity for you to help out at our farm.
At Rancho Delicioso we are working constantly, experimenting with seeds and plants from around the globe, learning how to grow plants that haven’t been grown here before. Currently we have over 120 different edible plants growing. We are searching the web for awesome plants and advice from green geniuses, so we can bring food gardening and small-scale farming to this area of Costa Rica that previously had almost nothing.

We also have two horses, two chihuahuas, nine goats, over 100 chickens, and one cat. We have four treehouses, a geodesic dome with an aerial silk, two large-scale plant sculptures, three tilapia fish ponds, two mandala herb gardens, hugelculture beds, a polyculture spiral, three orchards, a river, and a small adobe pizza oven. And we’re just getting started!

There’s a lot to do, but it’s not all hard work… you will get to enjoy the jungle and beach as well, improve your Spanish skills, do some surfing, and hang out at Anamaya from time to time to do yoga and aerial silk, and enjoy our salt-water swimming pool.

If you’re ready to commit to at least a month and become part of our family, then let us know.

Helpful skills: organic gardening knowledge, construction, painting (illustration/art), writing and internet research, spanish language, raw, vegan, vegetarian, or healthy cooking, dance, circus, and performance arts, making people smile and laugh.

Job Type: Work Exchange/ Volunteer

Location: Montezuma, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Cost To Volunteer: $250-300/month and work in exchange for room & board

Season: Summer, Spring, Fall, Winter

Facebook: Rancho Delicioso

Learn More/ Apply At: Rancho Delicioso & Anamaya Resort



Organic Gardening Internship at Sirius Ecovillage, Massachusetts

Now hiring for 2014!

The Organic Gardening Internship Program begins generally in late winter and is a position for someone who has already had some organic vegetable growing experience. Participants will become familiar with our the systems of planning, planting weeding watering and harvesting and distribution. Participants will learn to help process the harvest which includes freezing and canning, and fermentation style preservation. You will often cover when the head gardener is away. Physical stamina is needed. Participants also have willingness to work with guests and possible interns who are just learning about gardening and have the opportunity to step into a supervisor teaching role. Participants will learn how to cook with our various seasonal fruits and vegetables. Berry picking goes through the summer, with apple, pear, chestnut and native kiwi harvest picking up during autumn.

It is our experience and understanding that all nature beings, plants and animals, have an indwelling spiritual consciousness and that through the focused awareness of attunement and meditation we can communicate with them.  Our gardens are completely organic; we use no pesticides or chemicals of any type.

Job Type: Work exchange

Location: Shutesbury, Massachusetts

Cost to Volunteer: Work in exchange for room & board plus $200/month stipend based on experience

Season: Summer Fall Winter Spring

Learn More At: Sirius Community & Ecovillage

Work Exchange at Mana Retreat Center, New Zealand

 Mana retreat center NZMana is a prestigious retreat and conference centre situated in a scenic and lovely part of the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand. Mana offers a wide range of workshops and events in the areas of body-mind education, creative expression and spiritual exploration. Mana can accommodate up to 50 guests in comfortable modern rooms, and provides vegetarian and wholefood cuisine. Ingredients are mostly organic and often sourced from the beautiful Mana garden. Mana is a guest oriented business serving an international community.

The energy, enthusiasm and efforts of wwoofers (Willing Workers on Organic Farms) and other volunteers, is an essential component of Mana and is welcomed by the small staff team who direct their work. We prefer longer term wwoofers (at least one month) as there is much to learn in our different areas (house-keeping, kitchen, gardens), and we need to train you to work to the standards we maintain. Mana is especially interested in workers who would like to extend their stay beyond  a month, and train to take more responsibilty. If you wish to consider a more intense and longer work/learn experience, then please indicate in a mail attached to your application.

Job Type: Work Exchange/ Volunteer

Location: New Zealand

Cost To Volunteer: Accommodation & food provided in exchange for labor. No fees involved.

Season: Year Round

Learn More/ Apply At: Mana Retreat Center

Conservation Volunteer at Aride Island Nature Reserve, Seychelles

aride island nature reserveIt is no exaggeration to say that Aride is one of the finest tropical island nature reserves in the world. For the right volunteer candidate this is an exceptional opportunity, possibly the experience of a lifetime and tremendously rewarding. However, please be aware it is no picnic. Living conditions are basic, the work can be demanding and the climate can be a drain on those unaccustomed to the tropics. It is not for the faint hearted. However, for those with the right aptitude and interests working as an Aride volunteer is an exceptional opportunity. We welcome young graduates who wish to pursue a career in conservation, individuals with a conservation interest. Volunteers should possess a degree in a biological science and/or useful practical skills or IT skills.

The working day usually starts with a meeting at 7:00 am, during which the tasks and schedule for the day are discussed. A typical day might include monitoring activities, launching the boat, raking, removing invasive plants, data entry, tourists (especially in the NW monsoon), or maintenance activities. The working day ends at 5:00 pm, and includes a two hour lunch break from 12:00 to 2:00 pm. Usually there are snack/tea breaks in the morning and afternoon as well, but the exact schedule depends on tasks that need to be done.

Volunteers assist with all aspects of the island’s work including scientific monitoring and research, maintenance of the paths, buildings and other infrastructure, launching and landing boats, patrolling the island and leading tours for visiting tourists.

Job Type: Volunteer Conservation

Location: Seychelles

Cost To Volunteer: Cost of flights and food. Accommodation provided. £375 stipend toward cost of flight to Seychelles.

Season: Summer Fall Winter Spring

Learn More/ Apply At: Aride Island nature Reserve